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Our Favorite Chicago Pizzas - More Than Just Deep Dish

Our Favorite Pizzerias in Chicago

Yes, we’re famous for deep dish, and yes, you should absolutely try it when you’re here, especially if you’ve never had it before.

But Chicago’s pizza scene is about much more than gluttonous deep dish pies. Here are our picks for the best pizzas in Chicago!

Our Favorite Chicago Pies


It doesn’t have the name recognition of an Uno’s, Gino’s, or Giordano's, but Pequod's is probably the name you’ll hear most from those in the know in Chicago. It has a perfectly burnt edge and unmistakably tasty cheesy crust.

Piece Brewery

A thinner, crispier pie in the heart of Wicker Park. Bonus - it’s a brewery too! Since 2001 this New Haven-style pie has been a mainstay on the city’s best of lists.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder

Pizza you eat with a spoon. Not sure how to describe it, but when you’re in the mood for pizza done different, check out this Lincoln Park mainstay.  

Craft Pizzeria

Just off the beaten path near Wicker Park, Craft is new to the scene this year with a pretty affordable pie. Great dough, big slices available during the day, and a white pizza - Devil in a White City - that you have to try! Plus, it's BYOB!

Neopolitan Style

This style has rapidly taken hold of the city. Baked in high heat, Neapolitan pizzas are usually smaller, often sized for one, with an ultra-thin crust. We love getting them margherita style, with fresh mozz, tomatoes, and basil over light sauce. Prosciutto pies in this style are amazing as well.

The best? Head to Coalfire on Grand Ave. in the West Loop neighborhood (and if you like whisky, swing over to the Twisted Spoke before you go). They serve a great twist on the Neapolitan style, what they call "an American spin" on it. We call it incredible.

The other top spot is Spacca Napoli, a favorite of actor Kelsey Grammer tucked away on Ravenswood Ave. on the north side near Lincoln Square. This is the old-school Neapolitan, and it's amazing. The only problem is that once you leave, you'll be sad it's not in your hometown or neighborhood. 

Classic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Now, when it comes to deep dish in Chicago, you’re going to start arguments, but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. We’re partial to Pequod’s, but you’ll get a thick crust, a bucket of sauce, and all the cheese you’ll need for months at any of these, all of which have locations throughout the city.

Lou Malnati's

Try the stuffed spinach bread for an app, then heap down a crust that’s crisp on the outside, soft inside, and tasty all around. Bonus, you can order them to take home with you to keep frozen and bake later.


You’re going to be full. Lots of red sauce hides even more cheese. Big thick crust that’s needed to hold the weight of the toppings. There are also a lot of locations throughout the city.


Visit the original at Ohio and Wabash. Since 1943, this has been the mainstay for many Chicago pizza lovers, and that crunchy golden crust is as good the day after as it is fresh from the oven.

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